Far outside the GOP convention, a party for Ron Paul

Roughly a thousand people mustered at the Florida State Fairgrounds, a boggling twenty minutes away from the actual GOP convention:

“The Republican Party has been like Lucy with the football, and all these suckers every year are Charlie Brown,” said Thomas Woods, a libertarian historian and analyst. “A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the status quo, and anyone who thinks otherwise is absolutely delusional.”

“Dr. Paul will never endorse such a reprehensible human being.”

The rally so far has been much smaller in comparison to previous venue blowouts to see Doctor No, but the republicans have been putting in overtime to discourage libertarians from being anywhere near the crowning ceremony.

10,000 are expected to show up to see Ron Paul speak on Sunday.

Lesson to the GOP: The liberty movement size will ebb and flow, but never go away.

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