Elmo explains economics

Elmo really has a way with words. He recently helped explain economics and did a righteous job. Ben Bernanke better run if the rest of the Sesame Street gang shows up with pitchforks and torches… of love:

In case you haven’t noticed, incomes (not GDP) pay mortgages and support small businesses. Increasing the National Debt by a can you say “parabolic?” 54% in the last 42 months hasn’t budged income per capita in nominal terms. If you adjusted for inflation, you’d find that Americans are actually about 12% poorer today than they were in 2006. We’re not “growing” our way out of this, we’re just going deeper and deeper into hock, courtesy of a government with about as much fiscal discipline as crack-whores with a stolen credit card. Here’s the thing: It’s your credit card, so maybe you should understand how much they’re spending:
Just to be clear, we’re talking about $400 per citizen per month in new charges alone, month after month after month. Here’s what me and Elmo can’t figure out: Why would attempting to break this spiral be labeled Class Warfare?

I couldn’t resist but INTERVIEW ELMO EXCLUSIVELY FOR HAMMER OF TRUTH (MUST CREDIT HAMMER OF TRUTH). He said he hopes Ben Bernanke stays healthy and had this to add on the insult pile:

Watch out Elmo, talk like that will get you to sent off to Gitmo.