Cleveland gets on the Ron Paul boat (Update: interviews)

Yes, I threw this video documentary together. Yes, I understand if you hate on my terrible video editing skills (I make up for it in enthusiasm):

Here’s the description, because I’m trying to lend some credibility to YouTube in the form of proper linguistics:

OLD BROOKLYN/CLEVELAND, Ohio — Frigid forty degree weather did nothing to deter North East Ohioans from supporting Ron Paul in a Saturday afternoon sign wave at the busy intersection of Pearl and State. Reinforcements arrived in the form of the USS Constitution ship of peace. There were a LOT of honks, as you can guess.
Yes, the cannon works and is extremely loud! Luckily the guy at 1:58 was über cool.

More soon from Cleveland’s libertarian legion.
UPDATE: Sister group Ron Paul Akron has posted an even longer (and much better edited) video of the sign wave and a great deal of interviews on how easy it is to counter the whole electability issue, along with loads of horn honkings (bonus: both Cleveland EMS and Fire). Thanks to Craig Thompson for putting together this video:

Cleveland’s Rocking the USS Constitution. Sponsored by Todd Bonar, a local entrepreneur making a soy-based medical adhesive called Soy Sap, he states it simply, “Walk the walk and talk the talk.”
It’s certainly more fun to walk and talk when there’s a giant ship involved. Ahoy!