Cleveland gets on the Ron Paul boat (Update: interviews)


Yes, I threw this video documentary together. Yes, I understand if you hate on my terrible video editing skills (I make up for it in enthusiasm):

Here’s the description, because I’m trying to lend some credibility to YouTube in the form of proper linguistics:

OLD BROOKLYN/CLEVELAND, Ohio — Frigid forty degree weather did nothing to deter North East Ohioans from supporting Ron Paul in a Saturday afternoon sign wave at the busy intersection of Pearl and State. Reinforcements arrived in the form of the USS Constitution ship of peace. There were a LOT of honks, as you can guess.

Yes, the cannon works and is extremely loud! Luckily the guy at 1:58 was über cool.

More soon from Cleveland’s libertarian legion.

UPDATE: Sister group Ron Paul Akron has posted an even longer (and much better edited) video of the sign wave and a great deal of interviews on how easy it is to counter the whole electability issue, along with loads of horn honkings (bonus: both Cleveland EMS and Fire). Thanks to Craig Thompson for putting together this video:

Cleveland’s Rocking the USS Constitution. Sponsored by Todd Bonar, a local entrepreneur making a soy-based medical adhesive called Soy Sap, he states it simply, “Walk the walk and talk the talk.”

It’s certainly more fun to walk and talk when there’s a giant ship involved. Ahoy!

Stephen VanDyke

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    1. From what I gathered they roam all over the Ohio area, they’ve even sneaked it into a parade or six uninvited.

      I would love to see something similar (or them, who knows) at Mardi Gras or Savannah’s St. Patty’s parade, seeing people throwing Ron Paul beads from the USS Constitution float would be a hoot.

  1. Ron Paul supporters, if you haven’t already, please go to VoteRonPaul and make your pledge to vote for him. Take a look at the map that is shown. (It may take a little bit to load, btw) It’ll show supporters from across the country. Please share the page with your friends, family and other Ron Paul supporters and scroll down to the bottom to like their facebook page. I would love to see EVERY Ron Paul supporter make their pledge to vote for him. We know that Ron Paul has faced and will face continued efforts to marginalize him and even attempts at voter fraud (Iowa for example!) If we could get every single Ron Paul supporter to this site and make their pledge, it is my belief that it will be hard for them to ignore especially when we start seeing numbers into the millions. We would make people’s eyes pop out of their heads when they see the sheer number of us and no one will ever have a reason to say he is “unelectable” ever again. Thanks.