Bristol Palin sued by bar heckler

Back in 2011, Bristol Palin was in a bar in Los Angeles when she was confronted by a heckler during the filming of her reality show Life’s A Tripp. The heckler, a guy named Stephen Hanks, called Bristol’s mother, Sarah Palin a “whore” and called her “evil”. Instead of walking on by, Bristol confronted him and asked him if he’s gay. All of the footage was used for her reality show, but he now claims that he never gave permission to be featured on the show. As a result, he is suing Bristol and the Lifetime Channel in federal court.

His lawyer Michael Gulden said that his client is seeking more than $75,000 in the lawsuit. Apparently, she referred to the bar incident as one of the reasons she left Los Angeles for her home in Wasilla, Alaska. He claims that she defamed him by claiming that their encounter was to blame for her decision to leave L.A.

He also said that he suffered emotional distress and invasion of privacy because of Bristol’s questions about his sexuality. The lawsuit said, “Bristol Palin’s conduct was outrageous. Bristol Palin first accused Plaintiff of ‘being a homosexual’ in a degrading manner in front of others…she then in a magazine article blamed Plaintiff for her decision to leave Los Angeles for Alaska even though she had purchased her home in Alaska…more than two months before the encounter.”

Life’s A Tripp is scheduled to premiere on the Lifetime Channel on June 19th. His lawyer added, “He has communicated with A&E regarding use of the footage, and they were non-responsive. He felt [filing the lawsuit] was all he could do to protect his rights.”


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