Boston Tea Party drops Tiffany Briscoe, nominates “none of the above” for presidential endorsement

The Boston Tea Party might be a small party, but that doesn’t mean they’re standing idly by for a candidate who “misrepresented” her qualifications. Party chair Darryl Perry originally announced Tiffany Briscoe’s long shot presidential campaign back in December, and since then Briscoe has been at the center of a storm of scrutiny over her resume.
In the resume, she claimed to be “part of the Board of Trustees of the Howard Community College.” Inquiring minds soon discovered this was an honorary title and that Briscoe was not formally part of the Board of Trustees in any meaningful way.
Briscoe soon retracted the claim, saying, “This is like a honorary title, if you want. I receive no pay, I get no voting rights, nor do I attend most meetings. But I do receive a newsletter, have a parking space, and get occasional e-mails on this address provided by HCC. It’s no big thing, as you can see. And I will proceed to the removal of this from my website since it is causing so much ‘controversy'”.
It seems the handful of BTP members didn’t find that explanation satisfactory, and in a March 6th vote rife with “rampant voting fraud” they ultimately dropped Briscoe and endorsed “none of the above” as their 2012 presidential pick.
Perry comments at Independent Political Report with an e-mail conversation he had with the erstwhile candidate. Here’s Briscoe’s reply according to Perry — rife with with spelling mistakes and consisting of a single run-on sentence:

You have the wrong idea I was not trying to represent myself as a fraud with the btp So tecchnically you are wrong and trying to get me off any ballot that does not represent the boston tea party i will still try to hold my candidcy with out the backing of the tea party before and after this I had already dissassociated myself with the boston tea party you took the messsage and misinterpreted it I know longer will have anything to do with party and you will never hear from me again and please at my request by leaving my campaighn alone just like I have lefty the boston tea party since you totally misunderstood the email and i was not trying to be a fraud and try to still pass my name as still the nominee for the tea party please do not email me back at all as of my request and you and I and the party are afffiliated with each other I have let the appropriate people know my true intentions and you are not allowed to disgrace my name since I am no longer associated with your party and you are not allowed to touch my campaighn when I am no longer associated with your party I told the powers that be what i was trying to do and i told them what i meant by the earlier email they understood that i was not trying to continue as a nominee for the party at all and certainl;y not trying to be a fraud I would like us never to have contact again sorry Tiffany Briscoe.

I’ll go ahead and wish her luck with the campaign, I didn’t think she had much of a shot to begin with, but at least she’s entertaining the hell out of us as she goes down in flames. And hey, she’ll walk away with another honorary title to add to her resume.