Benevolent boy *really* doesn’t want to go to Disney World

That’s because he’s too busy giving away the trips to families of fallen soldiers. Which is a weirdly macabre “prize” for having your parents die in a fucked up war, but let’s commercialize tragedy because that’s the American way or something.

Anyways, I admire the moxie on this kid:

Brendan Haas, the 9-year-old Kingston, Mass., boy who gave a fallen soldier’s family a trip to Disney World, has done it again.

During an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday, anchor Robin Roberts told Brendan that the Walt Disney Co., ABC’s parent company, would award him and his family an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World. Plus, she said, Disney would provide VIP treatment not only for Brendan’s family, but also for the family of 2-year-old Liberty Hope Steele, whose name Brendan pulled out of a hat to award the first trip. Her father was killed in Afghanistan.

Brendan responded to Roberts in a Skype interview: “We can’t accept a trip to Disney but we have many more people who would like to have an all-expenses paid [trip] through the raffle, so we can do another raffle.”

There’s video of Brendan being offered, and deferring a second trip package on live television during an interview with Good Morning America. It is downright creepy how the hostess chuckles after asking whether Brendan “really gets a lot of joy out of helping others.”

Who answers “no” to that question?

Brendan rebuffs the offer of a second VIP package from ABC, instead he thanks them and explains how they’ll hold another raffle. I’m positive his parents are coaching him to some degree, but that’s what good parenting is about: to hypothetically discuss these possible new offers in advance of the interview.

Will ABC/Disney be so bold as to call the kid’s bluff on a third and fourth trip package? I certainly hope they have deep pockets to find out the limits of Brendan’s and his parents benevolence.

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