Bad cops, bad cops: watchoo gonna do when we come for you?

Every encounter between police and moral law abiding citizens has devolved into a Mexican standoff. They have the power to inconvenience most of us, and we have that same power… to what end?

Here’s a funny story about the latter end of that equation for one unfriendly cop:

Despite an impressive criminal record and his latest suspension, Bosque maintains that he’s on the positive end of the good cop/bad cop spectrum. “I’m an excellent police officer but I break the rules,” he told The Herald. Hard to argue with that coming from a man who in August 2000 told a teenager, “I am the law, if I feel like it right now I can fuck you up and no one will say anything about it.” Charming.

Here’s a few of Bosque’s greatest hits, as reported by The Herald:

May 22, 1998: Bosque calls in sick for work, claiming food poisioning. Takes a vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

Sept. 5, 1999: Excessive force accusations filed against Bosque by a man who claims the officer kicked and punched him repeatedly while handcuff. Police authorities reportedly took no action on the case.

Jan. 19, 2004: Suspended for 45 days after beating a handcuffed suspect into a pulp. According to The Herald, “The victim was beaten until bloody and there was blood spilled all over the station house floor.”

July 22, 2004: The Herald reports that Bosque was “accused of fondling a corrections officer in his squad car.” But he was not punished. Why? According to investigators, “the woman involved admitted she refused to say ‘no.'”

Jan. 24, 2011: Promoted to sergeant.

July 2012: Internet Shitstorm as his career of underachieving is exposed.

Think about how hard it’s going to be for Sgt. German Bosque, “the South Florida cop who won’t can’t stay fired” after this series of stories is permanently attached to his digital dossier? I’m sure the increased insurance premiums a city or county must now fork over for hiring rogue cops can make it less attractive should he receive even the slightest further investigation (which could lead to even more corruption, if the department is willing to overlook citizen complaints).

Even now, the mayor of Opa-Lock appears to be a willing player in the power trip tale — someone who Bosque had driven around as a personal cheufer — as he’s still pulling in a paycheck and “sleeping late and watching telenovelas and Cops reruns,” according to his lawyer. I’ve seen plenty of Cops reruns, I would not encourage anyone who is seeking a healthy respect for humanity to look to them for guidance.

I’m not glad he’s got free time to sit around on his duff on the taxpayer’s dime, so I heartily laughed at his comeuppance to him via facebook.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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