Are bankers about to be beamed up to the mothership?

Brian Doherty at reason leaves us wondering where all the important people are going:

February saw a series of what I expect to be statistically unlikely resignations (though I confess I do not have time-series data on banker resignations at hand) by high-powered international bankers: World Bank chief Bob Zoellick, the leader of Kuwait’s central bank, the chief’s of Slovenia’s two biggest banks, the CEO of big Indian bank Dhanlaxmi, Nicaragua’s central bank, and the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Austrialian arm.

A conspiracy-minded site with a collection of links about turmoil and job turnover in high finance and government positions stretching back through last year. Can bankers and government officials sense coming earthquakes, as household pets are said to be able to?

The punchline? Yet Ben Bernanke still has a job to go to every day.

“Soon, soon we gets to take off the human-skin suit and join the comrades on the last resource-filled shuttle. To rendezvous with the awaiting ship in a stationary cloaked cloaked orbit behind the moon.” Maybe that’s what Bernanke tells himself every morning he sends another truckload of paper out the door in return for the entire planet.

Is everyone going Galt, or is this nothing more than a mass career reassessment with eerie 2012 timing that just needs to be compared with more than three months of speculative data?


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  1. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship. I hope all eyes are on these guys in case they disappear into bunkers.