After bloody photo surfaces, Zimmerman rakes in $200K

Two pieces of compelling photo evidence emerged recently that will certainly be part of the George Zimmerman legal trial: a recent photo of Trayvon Martin from a twitter account showing him emitting a cold stare at the camera as he flips the bird; and an immediate post-shooting photo taken of Zimmerman’s bloody head, proof that he had indeed been assaulted in the moments leading to the fatal shooting.

The zealous neighborhood patrol also made a significant speech apologizing to the family from a bulletproof vest and chains, firmly placing himself in the role of do-gooder with a conscience that signals the defense’s strategy of making their client an upstanding member of of the community who got in over his head playing superhero. Both Zimmerman and Martin are likely to come away looking like belligerents, with the prosecution’s best evidence being the 911 recording where Zimmerman refuses to stop following the teen after being firmly told not to.

Yet in the wake of all these facts, Zimmerman’s website has received more than $204,000 in online donations. This isn’t sitting well with Judge Kenneth Lester Jr., who ordered the site shuttered in the wake revelations that the public might… *gasp* …be watching, nay participating closely in Zimmerman’s ultimate fate.

From CNN, “George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of wrongly killing Trayvon Martin, will not immediately have to turn over donations made to his website, a Florida judge said Friday.”

“Zimmerman collected about $204,000 in donations through the website, but did not disclose the contributions during his bond hearing last week, according to his attorney, Mark O’Mara. Prosecutors had asked for a bond of $1 million, but Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. made it $150,000 after Zimmerman’s family testified they did not have the resources necessary to meet the higher level.”

“Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda on Friday asked Lester to increase the bond in light of the donations. But the judge said he would delay ruling on the request, in part because he does not know if he has authority to say how the money can be used.”

“Lester and O’Mara both said they are concerned about releasing the names of donors to Zimmerman, who has faced threats since the case began making national headlines in March.”

Hammer of Truth has received numerous comments in support of both “sides” in this case, we would like to remind our readers that additional violence is not the path to justice. Donors to George Zimmerman should remain a private matter. There is no reason to subject them to undue stress simply to satiate the public’s rabid curiosity.

Any fund (legal or otherwise) set up in Martin’s memory would fall under the same protections, though I would advise them not to use the picture of him flipping everyone off when they solicit those donations.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. O’Mara closed the site because he didn’t want Zimmerman making any statements to anybody. A new site will be going up that is directed through O’Mara, nothing Lester can do about it, except to be kept informed maybe.

    $204k is lot, but in one of the stories Zimmerman tells O’mara there were something like 45 donors, which I will take a guess at working out to $4k from smaller donors and $200k from maybe one person, which we will likely learn soon may or may not have occurred before bail was set. Paypal funds also aren’t “real” until 3 days later.

  2. I fail to see the explanatory value of a photo of a teenage boy flipping the bird.  Roughly 90% of the pictures taken of me between the ages of 12-17 feature a raised middle finger. The other picture is definitely interesting though. 

  3. If you listen to the 911 tape, Zimmerman does not refuse to stop following Martin, nor from the tape do we know whether or not he actually did stop following Martin.