Wisconsin protests: statism/corporatism vs the people

I’ve been following these demonstrations here in our U.S. backyard with much interest, because the closer I observe, the more it seems the powers that be have set in motion a clash. On one side middle America Democrats, and on the other side middle America Republicans. The middle America of anti-government Tea Party being baited into confrontation with the middle America of those Wisconsin public unions (or vice versa, as some reactions may have it). There’s evidence that strings are being pulled all over the place.

I’m sure someone out there (*cough* Ron Paul *cough*) will be able to bridge this incredible ideological wedge that is being struck between these two factions of the working class and focus their energy towards the common enemy: the statist/corporate manipulators. Otherwise the end game is for the puppetmasters to incite one group into violent confrontation with one another as a new pretext for trying to remove everyone’s rights. In the famous words of Admiral Akbar: It’s a trap!

LATER: See, it’s shit like this. Jim Morekis, editor-in-chief of Connect Savannah warned on facebook “I’d remind my conservative friends that the last time in U.S. history when people started shooting into crowds of unarmed union protestors we got four terms of FDR.”

Stephen VanDyke

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