Wil Wheaton gets harassed by the TSA

Wil Wheaton's junk is dangerous, you know.Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton was harassed by the TSA yesterday, after taking a flight from LAX. He tweeted about his misery yesterday, saying, “I got groped so aggressively by TSA at LAX just now, I never want to fly again. Not even my doctor touches my junk that much. Fuck you, TSA.”

Afterward, he said, “I’m so angry right now, I could punch someone. I don’t feel safer. I feel violated and humiliated. Fuck you, TSA.”

He added, “Dear travelers: today, you are safe from my deadly, dangerous, sinister balls. You’re welcome.”

Ugh, these people. Stop touching our junk!

Update by Stephen VanDyke. @wilw has a further announcement: “Let me stop this rumor before it gets out of control: I’m not suing the TSA. I’m going to talk to a lawyer about my experience. That is all.”

The rubber glove has been slapped across Wil’s junk, will he be a champion for the fourth amendment or will he take his tender testicles and stay out of the anti-TSA fight? I’m sure he’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Will Wheaton – way to weigh in on a ridiculous policy! I stopped flying. I am looking at any candidate who will end the TSA on the basis of 4th amendment violations and our budget does not to include paying for sexual assault. They are looking for the set of balls that will cut John Pistole’s and Rapiscans power and budget. They haven’t found any yet.

  2. All because Wil doesn’t have his phaser set to stun. So far this is why I stopped flying, being molested is not ok. It is not ok for the TSA to take rights away, and people who support the TSA, and say don’t fly, how far will you let it go?

    What if after you buy a ticket the TSA comes breaking your door down to ensure you have no bombs, weapons, knives, or liquids in greater quantities of 3.3 oz. Would you be ok with that?

    If not not, then how you be ok with they are doing now, it is the same thing.

  3. I encourage all of you to write to your local, state and national-level local officials. Vote against politicians who support the TSA. Without consequences, they will be more than happy to continue stripping us of our constiutional and human rights.

  4. Obama could stop the x-rays and sexaul assaults anytime he wanted to. TSA is under the executive branch. I think Obama is trying to kill the airline industry and implement his high speed trains.

  5. The intrusive searches by the government – which is EXACTLY a strip search – and the option to have strangers touch your and your 14+ year old children’s genitals and breasts – is definitely a violation of the 4th amendment. Police cannot strip search without probable cause or a warrant. The “reasonableness” of the search is clearly not there. If everyone was naked, then perhaps reasonableness would be upheld. The “rules” were just created by a government bureaucracy that has overstepped its bounds.

    In the US, there have been 0 people killed in 49 years by an airline passenger setting off a bomb. If these scanners “only” potentially kill 6 passengers a year based on about 700 million flights a year (the US 2010 passenger total is 629,457,532). Therefore, over a 49 year period we would expect 284 dead from scanners and 0 dead from airline passenger bombings. The risk does not match the intrusiveness and illegality of the scanners and sexual contact gropings. An analogy: The Supreme Court outlawed handgun bans in cities. Since people die every day from guns (12,000 a year, most via handgun), this risk is much higher. But, the risk did not outweigh the constitution. So I expect 0 deaths will not outweigh the constitution.

    What we need is for the airlines to offer a higher level of voluntary security. They can offer special flights where people can voluntarily subject themselves to strip searches and sexual groping. To conclude, the TSA will be brought under control and eliminate primary screenings that are illegal. When that happens, if you don’t like the constitution, you don’t have to fly. Take a bus or train.

  6. violated and humiliated? I guess Hope and change isn’t all you hoped it would be.