White House direct petition to legalize Marijuana

I guess r/trees is fostering the idealistic grassroots fires and has started a people’s petition on the White House website to force Obama’s administration to respond (again) to the louder and louder calls for marijuana legalization. So far the number of signatures collected in the course of a single afternoon is well over the 5,000 threshold required to be considered a legitimate petition. Our current estimate of signature rate is 100/min and climbing. Eh, whatever, it’s making the rounds.

I agree: Legalize in our lifetime, dammit! It’s not stopping anyone, anyways. And the icing on the cake is how culturally blasé we are about recreational drug use that doesn’t interfere with one’s work ethic.

We have multiple gold medals and several presidencies (albeit hypocritical) in our partaking purview, so suck it… policia.

For the record, no I don’t trust some government flunky not to dick with the numbers on this, but do it for the lulz anyways.

Update: The Hill is reporting that this petition was the first to cross the threshold and is dominating the rankings page by a 2-to-1 margin. Even worse is four of the top six petitions are directly addressed at marijuana prohibition:

Wow, that’s an awful lot of pot smoke being blown in Obama’s face by We The People.

Update 19:41EST: whitehouse.gov/petitions is intermittently throwing 404 errors (ha, we expected this, which is why we took screenshots). Stay tuned to server meltdown drama.

Update 9/23 4:09EST Kerplah!

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  1. Right now the main petition stands at just under 11,000 signatures. The site has been active for just under 55,000 seconds. A new person every 5 seconds, now that’s seriously impressive voting power. 

    Congratulations to all of /r/trees, and all the other supporters!

    I’m going to be keeping track of the speed and progress, check it out! http://vrsry.com/maryjane