Ventura should either run or get off the campaign trail

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is once again talking about a possible run for President this time after his lawsuit of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was dismissed.

While I cannot disagree with Ventura on the basis of his lawsuit against the TSA, applying for Mexican citizenship and saying you won’t stand for the national anthem again isn’t probably going to win you support if you want to run for President. Additionally, talking conspiracy theories isn’t going to help your chances. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to look like a hypocrite and attack Ventura too much for questioning the official government story of the attacks of September 11th. Likewise, several years ago, as a young man I questioned the official story until common sense and science prevailed and Popular Mechanics, the History Channel, independent groups of scientists and investigators all confirmed Al Qaeda responsibility for the attacks and that is when I stopped questioning. When a candidate for public office makes such claims they will quickly lose support from most Americans and be viewed as crazy.

Mr. Ventura, if you want to run for President please start running and if not please quit talking about running. I know that I for one am tired of people like Jesse Ventura and Donald Trump getting people excited time and time again acting like they are running for President only to disappoint them each and every time.

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  1. Jesse Ventura

    LIAR –

    truTV – Conspiracy Theories

    Starring America’s biggest liar and conspirato­r

    Jesse “James Janos” Ventura

    (even his name is fake)

    ”Always Cheat – The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura”

    by Leslie Davis, Author

    Call for a compliment­ary book – 612/529-52­53

    Ventura intros his truTV show by lying about being a Navy SEAL.

    He wasn’t a SEAL and his photo on truTV is from the movie Predator.

    Facts you should know about Jesse Ventura

    – Ventura lied about being a Navy SEAL on active duty.

    – He lied about being in Vietnam. He told Dennis Anderson of the Minneapoli­s
    Star Tribune that “you haven’t hunted until you’ve hunted man”. Ventura was
    never in combat and he never hunted man.

    – Bribed a candidate on July 17, 1998 so he could run unopposed in the Reform
    Party. Call for a free DVD of the actual bribe.

    – Bribed Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner to fix the bribery investigation
    by giving a job to her boyfriend, John Wodele.

    – Endorsed “torture” of people at Highway 55 when 600-law enforcemen­t (the
    largest police action in Minnesota history) arrested peaceful protesters­.

    (See Star Tribune, December 28, 1998)


  2. Ventura is probably well attuned to how corrupt the system. As the old saying goes: I either want less corruption or more chance to participate.

    I don’t know why people gotta smear him though, he’s clearly braver than most of the haters who hide on the internet.