TSA screeners on the path to unionization

Your unfriendly airport gate-gropers and porno-scanner operators may soon be card-carrying union members of either the National Treasury Employees Union, or the American Federation of Government Employees. Both are high on the list of choices pre-made for the agency’s employees as they gear up on a proposed measure to unionize their little corner of the security theater erected after the September 11th attacks.

Rebuttals against the unionization of the TSA should self-evident (like namely, that there has been relatively ZERO clamor for it within the ranks of TSA screeners outside of media hype), but the Republicans can take the cake for this gem:

Republican leaders say public employees should not be allowed to bargain collectively, asserting that it pushes up costs for taxpayers and impedes management’s flexibility. What is more, they warn, letting airport screeners unionize could jeopardize national security if strikes and work slowdowns crippled airports and resulted in inadequate security checks.

If you’re gonna sell the downside of something, it really helps if the dystopian future you’re painting isn’t already a systemic problem. From within the same article, comes this juicy tale of misbehavior:

[I]n 2006, airport screeners in Toronto conducted a slowdown by inspecting every piece of luggage by hand, creating such a snarl that management let 250,000 passengers through with minimal or no screening — a move a government investigation later found was a major security breach.

Blue-shirt security theater plus unionization protection equals anyone’s guess, but I already know who will be the losers: air travelers.

LATER UPDATE BECAUSE WHY END ON A SOUR NOTE: This story on reddit perfectly illustrates how I expect my government workers (the people’s employees) to behave in close proximity to these unconstitutional practices. Stand up and have some balls, it’s the cool thing to do.

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