The concert in Tahrir square

In the center of the Egyptian revolution in Cairo, a stage was set up and sound system wired in. Some time on Friday night, protesters broke into song:

Translated lyrics:

Let’s make Mubarak hear our voices
We all, one hand, requested one thing, leave leave leave
Down Down Hosni Mubarak
Down Down Hosni Mubarak
The people want to dismantle the regime
He is to go, we are not going
He is to go, we won’t leave
We all, one hand, ask one thing: leave leave.

When your revolution turns into a concert, it’s a good sign. Reminds me of the Orange Revolution and the Singing Revolution. The writing is on the wall for the Mubarak regime: the lyrical writing that is.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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