The Anonymous Revolution in Egypt

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

That’s a picture of The National Democratic Party building in Cairo… burning.

It’s a symbol of the tyranny in Egypt, and now it’s burning.

That will be the picture (one of many). A revolution, being streamed live for all to see. It is certainly front page news on every newspaper around the world tomorrow morning. This is on Obama to answer now to America, he has to answer to us for his support of this regime, that our fellow man has decided is now time to shuck off.

If anyone was taking note, they would see that Egypt’s Anonymous was actively part of making this successful. They reposted Anonymous public letters in Arabic on streets, those anarchistic digital pamphleteers were heavily influenced by V for Vendetta from what I have seen. It would not surprise me, the Internet (and piracy) is everywhere. Censorship has been a failure. Internet kill switches, doubly so.

It’s fascinating that we live in such amazing times of human potential. I feel like yelling hell yeah outside right now. “YES, THE GOOD GUYS SCORE!”

Good luck tonight Egypt, we are with you.

UPDATE (from the comments and confirmed): Anonymous Press Release – 28th January 2011

Stephen VanDyke

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