Texas steps up security-state spectacle after death of bin Laden

The lone star state is on higher alert today after the news of Osama bin Laden’s death, upgrading visible police forces with assault rifles. Heather Fazio explains, “Texas State Troopers posted up at every entrance of the Capitol with M15s!! It’s a sad day for Liberty in Texas :(”

This lopsided show of force is nothing new in the Texas capitol, as lawmakers have been nervous dicks about their rights (over yours) even before the death announcement. From mid-April comes this affront to equality:

They might not be ready to allow average Texans to pack their concealed pistols in college campus buildings. But Texas senators seem to be preparing to change state law so they can carry their own handguns anywhere, even where the general public cannot.

On Tuesday, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee took the first step to advance a bill by state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston , that would allow legislators, statewide elected officials, some former legislators and some state employees to carry their concealed weapons in bars, churches and hospitals and at sporting events and other places they are currently prohibited — including businesses that post signs outside saying concealed handguns are prohibited.

Robert Butler, Director of the Liberty Learning Institute adds another layer of intrigue with related security-state legislation “Texas Republicans are ramming through crazy big government legislation this year. REAL ID and now southbound checkpoints just passed the Senate.”

“FYI – southbound checkpoints are inside Texas stopping cars traveling south a few miles from Mexico. They will be searching all southbound traffic for guns, drugs, and cash. Guns and cash are of course, legal to possess, but that won’t stop the confiscations.” Soon enough everyone’s a criminal, they just haven’t been caught yet. The security-state is still laden with fear.

Where’s the Texas Tea Party in all of this government twisting of security and liberty? Still out celebrating bin Laden’s death with a Koch-funded BBQ picnic anti-Obama rally in a park somewhere? Haha, send me email, idiots.

Doesn’t matter, because Texans of all stripes need to get fired up and mobilize against this affront unless they really like being bitches to their police state overlords.

photo source: Heather Fazio

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. This “high alret” stuff is such B.S. just let us live our lives without fear

  2. You uh.. fucked up.  It’s either an AR-15 or an M16, not a uh.. lol, M15.  Did you ever stop to think that  they might want this, considering they’re public officials?  That they may need them in self defense?  This really only made me laugh, thanks for that though.