Ten years after 9/11

Last year’s ridiculous 9/11 death and destruction celebration with religious people inciting hatred seems to have really been tamped down this year, so I’ll defer from telling people to go burn another copy of the PATRIOT Act (still a good idea, all things considered).

Instead I’m going to repost something I made for a previous amoral anniversary of the infamous date, an image that still resonates. I’ve updated it slightly from the original:

I would eulogize for the dead (and still dying) in the name of a War on Tactics, but we all can see their memories being politicized on this date more than any mass murder victims should ever be. And the fact that we also see terror tactics being embraced by a radically authoritarian power structure pretty much makes their deaths another of history’s vanities in the backdrop of mass war. “Cynical” doesn’t begin to describe how far down the rabbit hole we’ve slid in ten years.

Say hi to an automatic-rifle toting, militarized policeman today, if you dare venture outside.

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