So long, and thanks for all the defeatist propaganda

To the cover editor of TIME: if you’re going to make a provocative statement about the relevancy of the constitution in this country, be prepared to hear the rebuttal on why you’re part of the problem:

Time magazine’s cover story shows the U.S. Constitution and asks, “Does it still matter?” Reading this story, we kept waiting for Emmanuel Goldstein to show up for the Two Minutes of Hate. It was difficult to discern whether we were reading Time, or Orwells’ 1984.

It portrays the Constitution as an outmoded document that we should ignore to whatever extent is expedient to pursue someone’s vision of a better society: “We cannot let the Constitution become an obstacle to a future with a sensible health care system, a globalized economy, and evolving sense of civil and political rights.”

The story shows all sorts of poll questions that present a false choice, such as, “The 14th Amendment says that any person born in the U.S. automatically becomes a U.S. citizen… Should [it] be revised?” The Citizenship Clause says no such thing, because it adds that anyone “not subject to the jurisdiction” of the U.S. is not a citizen.

That’s why children of foreign ambassadors, prisoner soldiers and heads of state born here do not become citizens. The question is how broad that “jurisdiction” clause is. Could Congress exclude illegal aliens? It’s an active debate in legal circles, with no clear answer.

Instead, the questions should have included: “Are you more interested in the Constitution today that you were four years ago?” “Do you agree or disagree with candidates discussing the Constitution more in their campaign speeches this year?” “Are you now aware that the Constitution only vests the federal government with power of specific areas of life, leaving the states sovereign to decide all other issues?”

Or questions on enduring constitutional principles. “Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s 1803 pronouncement that any law contrary to the Constitution is null and void?” “Every government officer (including every judge) takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Should they apply its original meaning to current challenges?”

Does the Constitution still matter? Look at huge crowds of Americans cheering at rallies, whether it’s a spending protest or a pro-life rally. It matters to them, and they vote.

Go back to that first part again, this time keeping in mind that modern tyranny begins and ends as information war with the goal of eliciting nothing more than your compliance (as the constitution is indeed shredded through mere inaction at stopping it). They do so by of course framing the issue as already lost. What’s really lost though is the corporate media’s grasp of their tenuous hold on their information empire. Losing battles — larger each time — as wave after wave of truth assaults by independently operated, uncontrollable forums and blogs across the internet.

Or to sum up the libertarian argument in a picture:

Be sure to check out the original cover in all it’s glory that spawned the backlash. It seems they’re on a mission to piss off libertarians this month.

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