Ron Paul’s dirty treatment by media, explained by Justin Beiber

FINE PRINT: We have yet to source the name of who this amazingly informed, Beiber lookalike kid is (it would make for a humorous schtick, quote us on that). Beiber look-alike can’t be unseen once it has been stated, so without any further delay…

In a rare political message from his Malibu estate, Justin Beiber took to the internet to prove he has more common sense about polling standards and reliability in his pinky than CNN’s Candy Crowley and Anderson Cooper, FOX News’ Bret Baier and Bill O’Reilly all put together. He’s so dreamy. He so thoroughly trounces them with facts that we expect he could end up being invited on a few of their shows so they can try to devour him in person like a pack of vicious wolves.

The video is about eight and half minutes long, but past the 5:20 mark you can just ignore the über-loud Ron Paul music video that was stapled on.

We at Hammer of Truth figure if Herman Cain can steal the Pokémon vote, we’ll gladly embrace the Beiber vote. If you need somebody to love in 2012, love Ron Paul.

Bill Hick's dead corpse

I have just one more thing to say: I told you fuckers to cremate me.

  1. Excellent analysis, Mr. Beiber.

    “Again, I would be stunned if the mainstream media began providing factually accurate assessments of Ron Paul’s campaign. As Noam Chomsky has stated so frequently, the media’s job is not to foster debate or questions, but to sell the political establishment’s agenda to the public. The establishment – not the ‘electorate’ – will tell us which of the candidates from each party suits its purposes and interests.  It will also articulate the ‘issues’ for us (e.g., ‘should Willie Horton have been paroled?’, and ‘the importance of the pledge of allegiance’).
    “Ron wants to address such matters as the war system, the Federal Reserve, and other symptoms of a draconian state.  Any GOP candidate who wants to elevate the campaign to a  debate over who should be the next ‘American Idol,’, or which college football team should play for the national championship, will be eagerly embraced – and interviewed – by all of the mainstream twits.  But Ron Paul?  Did Pravda  ever provide favorable reviews of Atlas Shrugged?”  (Author: B. Shaffer)

  2. Smart kid.

    Don’t “ignore” the end!  I’d recommend folks drop the volume a tick at 5:15 and listen to the brilliance of Paul’s “what if…” speech.  When Fox News is running multiple typos a day in their professionally designed, presumably capable of spell checking news ticker that has several “professional” paid “news experts” and “journalists” around, that I would assume should be able to catch an error before it runs for hours ~ I think we can give kiddo a break on audio editing.