Ron Paul : “What a day”

Dear Liberty Activist,

As I finished speaking to the Greenville Tea Party last night after the 1st debate, I realized that we might be experiencing something truly special.

Hundreds of energized people from all walks of life stuck around to visit with me after the FOX News debate, and after running on full cylinders all day, I was finally able to reflect on everything that had happened.

Yesterday, we saw something bigger than just you and me. We saw the culmination of years of work by so many untold thousands of individuals, who are ready to reclaim our Liberty from decades of growing government.

We saw a day that generated tremendous buzz and could help launch a victorious Presidential campaign.

First, we saw two polls that show tremendous movement. A Suffolk University poll shows me tied for second place in New Hampshire.

And, a new national poll conducted by CNN shows me polling at 10 percent, in fourth place, just six points out of first place. We are within striking distance of the leader in what is largely considered a weak frontrunners.

But, perhaps most exciting was the news that sat atop the popular Drudge Report website all evening. In that same poll, I was the strongest among all potential Republican challengers in a head to head match-up against President Obama.

You and I understand that our message of Liberty and Limited Government can unite this country and pull us back from the financial abyss that Washington has pushed us toward. And, proving that it will take our ideas, not recycling of the last twenty, to beat Obama will bring us ever-growing support in the Republican primary.

But perhaps most importantly, my friends from all over the country came together once again to back a tremendous fundraising effort.

Yesterday’s grassroots Money Bomb raised over $1 Million dollars in twenty-four hours for our Exploratory Committee. I am deeply grateful, and so proud of the attention it has gotten us. This USA Today article is just one example of the attention you helped generate .

To capitalize on yesterday’s tremendous accomplishments, we are going to keep the Money Bomb ticker up for one more day.

If you were not able to participate yesterday, please consider chipping in today. Some people are giving as much as $2,500 (the maximum allowed), and others have already pledged to give $1,000, $500, or $250.

Many others are giving $10, $25, or $50.

Whatever you can do will help us send a clear message to the political establishment that our movement is here to stay, and our issues will not go away.

Thank you for all that you do in the name of Liberty.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Next week, I will be heading to Iowa Tuesday and New Hampshire on Thursday and Friday. Look for some big media and some important announcements as we unfold our plans for 2012.

Ron Paul

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  1. I hope the media gives Paul the due respect and attention he’s earned this go around. There’s a lot of Ron Paul supporters who have joined the Not Fucking Around ranks of political operators. Rand Paul’s election win was solid proof of their dedication and message-to-media skill.

    FOR SPARTA! I mean, for liberty!

  2. Ron Paul Ron Paul! Anything else will be yet another failure of voting American’s. This country is undoubtedly headed for a great disaster regardless of who is in office but the only person that can save us from the greatest of disasters if Ron Paul!

  3. Ron Paul is also the most compassionate of the candidates. He wants to cut the warmongering so there is more money for the poor.

  4. Ron Paul is also the most compassionate of the candidates. He wants to cut the warmongering so there is more money for the poor.