Ron Paul may win IA & NH, let the hand-wringing begin

Brent Budowsky at The Hill wrote today that Ron Paul may win the nomination in both New Hampshire and Iowa with multiple polls showing the Congressman surging in popularity after several other campaigns have imploded around embarrassing candidate gaffes. The article which warmly entices us with the headline of “surging,” “front-runner,” and “powerful” is sadly low on policy details but chock full of candidate name confetti (which boosts search engine traffic, no doubt) and of course political speculation (what we pundits like to do between poll announcements).

Budowsy scolds us at the beginning, to “give Ron Paul the attention he deserves in debates and throughout the political community.” Well get ready for more Ron Paul attention from the media’s political elite, sure, but not respect or much of anything that will resemble competent, investigative journalism. Oddly enough, Budowsky ends his piece with a three paragraph deep prediction — as many have with Ron Paul’s unwritten campaign future — by exploring the fantasy lands of a third party campaign.

At a minimum Ron Paul is now a force to be reckoned with. His support has surged in multiple polls. His fundraising will probably surge even more. He has the potential to be a kingmaker if he is the third Republican left at the convention with no candidate having a majority of delegates.

No doubt about it, a Ron Paul third-party candidacy would now be very formidable.

It may be that before this is done, one of the most important questions in American politics will be whether Paul runs as a third-party candidate, especially if the race is between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Fasten your seatbelts.

I’ll go ahead and make a prediction. I predict in the coming weeks the media will circle the Ron Paul campaign to poke and prod with more intensive interviews. These interviews will contain veiled insults (or outright, depending on who’s delivering) about Paul’s winnability in a general election. That will then segue into the old issue of running under a third party or independent banner.

If you haven’t gathered, media coverage of political campaigns is psychological warfare at its finest: posing fictional scenarios about a candidate running as a third party, call him a “GOP outsider,” or “eccentric;” and soon enough the average news consumer will come to associate this man (incidentally running under the banner of restoring the republic to constitutional limitation) as some fringe element of political discourse. It’s also a brazen lie in the face of a reality where these ideas have always been mainstream.

I’m reminded of Dave Chappelle’s warning during an Inside the Actor’s Studio interview, “The worst thing to call somebody is ‘crazy’. It’s dismissive. ‘I don’t understand this person, so they’re crazy.’ That’s bullshit! People are not crazy. They are strong people… Maybe the environment is a little sick.” I’ll top that by saying that the worst thing is people with thesauruses calling you crazy.

Well, I told you there would be hand-wringing.

  1. Honestly, Paul is the strongest canadiate the GOP or any party has. His rivals just pale in comparison and are up there because they have been in politics so long that they have manuvered to those positions with their mouths, pandering, and token speeches.

    Paul came with not just a message, but a record, a deep understanding of our problems, solutions, genius level intelligence that completely overwhelms moderators and “journalists” if he is given more than a few seconds. You won’t see Couric pull a “what books do you read” gotcha question with Paul. He’d hit her with a college library. Even socalist cheeleeder Lawrance O’Donnel got schooled and called out for resorting to disinformation by Paul. The best they have are lies and heavily edited soundbites that work for just a bit till his base is pissed off and ready for media blood.

    Obama won’t know what to do with him in a one on one debate. People are already scared of another 4 years of the same Obama and democrat/republican politics.

  2. All true. I think the Washington Post has a front page hit-piece planned for Paul this week. 

    And soon we will hear about the “racist” 1990’s newsletters written under Paul’s name again.

    1. Washington Post HATES Ron Paul.  Probably because their parent company owns many colleges.  Those colleges primarily make money off student loans.  Also, 80% of the students enrolled never pay back the loans!  Ron Paul isn’t too keen on this kind of stuff… he’s a threat to them.  Therefore, they’ll make sure negative articles are written about him.

  3. Ron Paul is all about accountability for your actions, respect and fairness.  Don’t accept the socialist agenda it’s not about fairness it’s about control….

  4. Even if Paul doesn’t win the nomination his supporters won’t buy into the GOP.  They’ll write him in or sit it out.  He is the most dangerous candidate for the establishment, a true “maverick” unlike the last one they had in 2008.

    1. If Paul does not win the nomination then the Republicans are complete toast. A truck load of Republicans and Independents will write him in or just sit at home during the general election. That they can not afford.
      So they need to get a good hold on both of their ears and pull their heads out of their rear ends.

  5. For me, it doesn’t really matter if Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, nor does it matter if he decides not to run as a third party candidate.  I’m going to vote for Ron Paul in the General Elections no matter what happens; even if it means I have to vote for him as a write-in. I’m not voting the status quo anymore. This time I’m voting for liberty.

  6. You haven’t seen anything yet.  The attacks will begin in earnest as the Iowa vote nears.
    When ignoring him and marginalizing him has failed, the heavy guns will come out.

    1. Bring on the heavy guns. This time they will fail. People are completely fed up with status quo. Nothing and I mean nothing will pull the Ron Paul supporters.

  7. I’m tired of lies and flip flopping candidates who have no record to stand on and no morals. If you don’t support Dr. Paul you’re just a lemming, programmed the way the Gov. wants you to be programmed. The mainstream media including FOX hates this guy for a reason, its because he stands for the moral high ground that no one has ever been able to take because of all the political skeletons in their closet. The elite can’t stand this guy because he is for real change that challenges the system of the old Rockefeller, Morgan and Rothschild banking  business that is accomplished through the Federal Reserve. I’ve convinced my family that this is the best qualified person possibly ever to run for President and I firmly believe it. The other candidates only pay lip-service to his ideas and pay attention when ever he speaks. President Obama won’t mention him because he’s afraid of his ideas. He’s our only hope for America…

  8. No one will beat Paul in Iowa, and he could just take first in New Hampshire and S.C is also a win for him.
    He is now catching on and his support will only rise while the support for all the other candidates will be like a ping pong ball bouncing up and down on the floor. Stick a fork into Cain he is done. Newt has a train load of baggage and Romney is just Romney a do nothing and a flip flopper.

  9. Let’s all face it, Ron Paul support is so strong that the Washington Post could come out tomorrow and say that he Ron took an axe to his Grandmother when he was 14 and the guy would not loose one supporter.
    So good luck Washington Post, you are going to need it and you certainly have your job cut out for you.

  10. The Washington Post could come out tomorrow and post an article that they had caught Dr. Paul banging Hillary Clinton on the White House lawn and I would still vote for him.