Romney staff blame Democrats for everything, even 404s

The tone in Washington may not get much play any more as a stump speech soundbite, so it appears Mitt Romney’s people are working diligently to lower the tone in website error messages instead — whenever a link breaks.

Well one did: it seems a PDF of the vaunted economic plan has disappeared, and I was greeted instead with a demonic-eyed donkey kicking in the the air (I assume angrily) and yelling at me in uppercase at how wrong things have gone. A subsequent search for all pdf files on the site did not turn it up either.

Based on a generous impression of this system’s error message, broken links on a republican candidate’s website can now somehow be pinned on democrats. Go figure:

Incidentally we have automated bots that check for broken links on the site in order to strike broken links and better curate our archives. Our bot was not amused at the divisive message from Mitt Romney’s website.

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