Romney finally campaigns publicly, tells crowd ‘corporations are people, my friend’

Well this motherfucker is tone deaf. I mean when you can’t even cobble together a populist argument for corporations in front of a clearly hostile crowd, then that’s just fodder for media and opponents:

I love it when a crowd has the balls to heckle politicians when they give bone-headed responses devoid of critical thought.

I wonder what kind of additional lightning-rod moments are in store during the Ames, Iowa debate tonight. Maybe Mitt will bring out the old trickle down economics argument as the reason large corporate tax rates (calculated after the various subsidies and industry incentives tying to bureaucratic institutions to bureaucratic institutions) are substantially lower than small and mid-size businesses.

I swear sometimes I think Romney is secretly running Obama’s re-election campaign at the rate he’s going. The phrase “my friend” and smarmy delivery really seals the deal that he’s a spoiled, out-of-touch, pandering schmuck, like John McCain.

I wonder if Mitt knows how many houses he owns?

Update: The New York Times has the most softball coverage, calling this “Romney’s Authentic Moment” and of course shields him from the truly critical parts by cutting out most of the exchange (check the hat on the old guy, to be sure). Oh NYT, I really love their motto: “All the news that’s fit to… oh look, shiny!” This is your news coverage on ADD.

Hit & Run also takes a swing at this story by posting the full transcript and letting their peanut gallery commenters take Romney behind the Internet woodshed.

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