Robert Morrow stirs the Rick Perry sex and drugs pot

Either the contentious Perry sex ad is starting to produce tangible results, or independent muckraker Robert Morrow has been sitting on a lot of info up to this point. In a facebook post, Morrow claimed to have some tantalizing new details of Rick Perry’s VIP room lifestyle and a sort of update on his quest to unearth dirt on the Texas Governor:

Here is what we are learning about the rampaging bisexual Pink Cowboy adulterer cokehead Rick Perry:

1) Rick Perry has been mining strip clubs and escort services all over Texas for a very long. Rampant adultery. Basically, Rick has his entourage literally go in the clubs and get the girls, they rent the hotel rooms, they call the escort services. Rick has been living in the gutter as much as Bill Clinton. I just talked with someone familiar with the San Antonio strip club scene and he confirmed what I know from Austin.

2) The gay rumors are very likely true, too. We have 2 gay men working on getting their friends, who they say have had gay sex with Rick Perry, to go public. There are also 2 other credible gay men who probably had sex with Rick Perry who we are working. 4 total. I have not met these 4 primary sources yet; the going is slow, but I think over a period of months something will happen. When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992, he by then had hundreds of women, but only 3 went public in 1992 – Gennifer Flower, Sally Perdue, Bobbie Ann Williams. Then they were greeted with Hillary’s terror campaign of private detectives.

3) I think Rick Perry uses cocaine a lot. Remember the stripper in 2009 told me he was “too coked up” to get it up or perform sexually. Someone close to Rick’s supposed cocaine dealer called me today.

4) Anita Perry has 4-5 male friends herself according to friends of her friends. So Anita is a little whore, too. I think Rick and Anita have a pure Hillary/Bill Clinton arrangement where they have sex with whoever they want. Anita almost never lets lecher Rick kiss her on the lips; always closing her eyes, puckering her lips, then looking away from him. I think I know why!

Rick Perry is a highly compromised man and his over the top dysfunctional *personal life* is an absolute gold mine for media, GOP opponents & Demo opponents. Really, it is stunning that this stuff has not come out already.

I think it is just a matter of time before a credible primary source on Rick’s debauchery comes forward.


Robert Morrow

There’s actually a growing number of investigations of Rick Perry’s personal life simmering right now even among the mainstream media. What with the sheer amount of allegations they tend to sniff these things out as extremely newsworthy (even if only for the salacious parts, which is why I love making these updates, I love dishing out the scoops on a juicy political scandal).

I agree it’s only a matter of time until more undeniable details of Perry’s parties find their way into the press.

Update: Follow the foursquare breadcrumb trail, it’s been recently deleted for a glaring reason. This guy can’t really be leading in the polls can he? I hope Jesus is having a chuckle at all this.

Update on Republic of Austin “attack site” weirdness: Wow this stinks to high hell, here’s what dillo has to say:

If you went to the blog yesterday afternoon or this morning, you may have noticed a warning. 2 hours after one of our Rick Perry pieces was posted on a major political blog, we were reported as a spam site. Last night, someone injected some sort of virus on the site.

We’re working to figure everything out…*sad dillo*

It seems as though the war on information during political season can be quite the nasty business.

Discerning journalism update: It’s highly likely that the twitter account and the attached — now deleted — foursquare accounts are both hoaxes. Then again, we’re not putting it past anyone with such swagger to have a Twitter party account separate from the official one.

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