Revolution Roundup

Info found as of Feb 27/28, 2011…there’s always more out there. Please share relevant links in the comments.
The “Greater Middle East”
Feb 24: 19-year state of emergency lifted
Feb 8: Man tries to set himself on fire at Algeria protest

Background on protests that started Feb 14 and were met with deadly force:

Schizophrenic situation Feb 26: Egypt’s army apologizes for overnight clashes with protesters
Mubarak is holed up in Sharm El-Sheikh, feared to be planning a counter-revolution
Feb 16: Both Obama and McCain are “Already Forgetting the Martyrs of Egypt”
Feb 2: the “Battle of the Camels” in Tahrir Square, more deaths
Jan28: Protestors occupied Tahrir Square, reports of 300 to 800 killed
“Two of Iran’s main opposition leaders and their wives are said to be in grave danger after security forces apparently abducted them from their homes, where they were under house arrest”
…including Mir Hossein Mousavi, who ran for president in the 2009 election against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Protests every Tuesday until they are released.
Iraq: At Least 23 Killed as Iraq Cracks Down on Huge Protests
Prime minister promises reform
Regular Friday protests have been rewarded: the people now have a right to assemble without police permission
Feb 20: Bidoons [stateless Arabs] stage protest rally in Kuwait
Feb 7: Kuwait emir accepts interior minister resignation
Feb 27: Hundreds rally to overturn the sectarian regime

Situation extremely tense, “thousands” dead, Gaddafi only retains control of three Western cities. He has had his army attack Misrata from the air, but has lost two jets and a warship to defectors who went to Malta rather than attack fellow Libyans. Mercenaries from Chad and elsewhere have been used to attack the people. While defecting generals and revolutionaries march westward from Benghazi and elsewhere to liberate Sirte and then Tripoli, Gaddafi’s troops head west from Sirte.
Feb 28 update from NYT: “Italy’s foreign minister suspended a nonaggression treaty with Libya on the grounds that the Libyan state “no longer exists.”
Assessment of support for each side:
We thought the apple had fallen farther from the tree:
Morocco: Five dead in violence after Morocco demos – minister
Two protesters killed when 250 unemployed demanded jobs and tried to attack a police post.
Calls to unite Hamas and Fatah from young Palestinians
Freedom Revolution proposed for March 16,_au_Qatar_et_en_Arabie_.html
Saudi Arabia
Here’s a British comedian with a concise summary of what is rotten in Saudi Arabia. (Subtitled in Arabic, because they are loving this clip, too.)
…based on this announcement from the King “Abdullah last week announced nearly $36 billion in economic benefits for lower income Saudis.”
Revolution scheduled for March 20
via Twitter: @Dima_Khatib: There were small demos in Saudi Arabia, symbolically significant, in Al Qutaif & Safwa to ask for release of detainees. #saudi 11:09 PM Feb 25th
via Twitter: @Malik_73: #Arab Revolution. Only Qatar, Syria and UAE unaffected so far by revolution. Hope Syria is soon, the Alevi-Assad dictatorship needs to end
Tunisian interim prime minister resigns,0,4116113.story
Three people killed Feb 26 and 100 arrested:
Dubai doesn’t usually allow protests, and apparently didn’t have any during the Tunisia or Egypt uprisings, but “More than 100 people gathered at the Libyan Consulate in Dubai yesterday [Feb 22] calling for Muammar Qaddafi, the Libyan president, to step down and for the UAE government to officially condemn the violence in the north African country.” — from an article formerly found at
Protest date of March 25 suggested on Facebook
Yemen: 24 killed since Feb 17
Tens of thousands rally in Sanaa, more in Taiz and Aden
Leading Yemeni tribal figure resigns and says Saleh must go
Armenia: scheduled for March 1
China: police but no protesters line streets of Beijing
An “unidentified group of armed men” attacked the residence of President Joseph Kabila in the capital, Kinshasa, a government spokesman said, describing the raid as an attempted coup.
Baba Ramdev‘s anti-corruption rally in capital draws 100,000
Congress responds: “don’t mix religion and poltiics”
via Twitter: @abhishekmisra82: all indian please support to Baba ram dev against Congress bcoz in congress a lot of scam got disclosed such as cwcg, 2 g spectrum 10:33 PM Feb 25th
Zimbabwe: Professor and 44 Others Detained and Tortured For Watching Videos of the Protests in North Africa