1. Anecdotal personal observation: I rely on the internet for information I don’t care about, however, the internet has provided a resource to learn about tyranny and stories of government oppression which I retain without fail for use away from the internet in bar conversations, when I am challenged the internet provides a quick told ya so on a smart phone.

    1. Well shit, usually I’m the first person to be hyper critical of teevees and adults playing with electronic bullshit instead of just TALKING TO STRANGERS all up in a bar, but damn this might bring me back into the fold.


      1. There is a girl at work that yells at me if she even thinks I am talking about politics.  I was once talking about the Protoss and Terran in Starcraft and she thought I was talking politics again and screamed at me to get a life… which I guess means talk about Jersey Housewives.

        If I had more money I would wear my Ron Paul Revolution shirt and just go to every bar for a drink or two.  You will meet so many people who are on the fence and so many people that aren’t brave enough to wear that kind of stuff in public, its very empowering and reassuring.

        Met a poet at work the other day making rhymes about the situation in Quartzite Arizona.  Talked at length about Monsanto and other things.  It makes me feel as if the 100th monkey is upon us.

        1. Tell that bitch to read a book.

          Not but really, she sounds like she needs a lesson in the fact that adults want to have her keep her money in her own hands and not letting someone else piss it away for her. Crush that shit with genuine love, it will probably confuse the hell out of her.

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