Peter Schiff exposes Glenn Beck guest’s plagiarism, blatant Goldline shilling

Peter Schiff gets all mad because Glenn Beck rips off viewers with his Goldline advertising, coupled with the steady drumbeat of the chicken little routine. He’s probably making a killing on the remaining stupid saps who watch his circus show, which GOD BLESS HIM is Glenn Beck’s Retarded Sellout American Dream. Here’s the vid:

I hope Schiff fucks that guy sideways with the DMCA. Web hosts don’t fuck around these days when it comes to content theft.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. So, someone exposes these scam gold sellers, warns people not to fall for it, explains why the gold coins they push are not worth the price, thereby informing and helping much of the naive public and he’s the clown? lol.

      1. It was in response to a post calling Schiff a clown and insulting his “followers”. The post has now “disappeared”, as I read both it and Fred’s response a couple days ago.

  2. Hi folks, I invite you to view my video which I feel is a bit more compelling. It’s got most of the same audio but additional audio on Beck/Goldline from Pete’s most recent show along with some compelling graphics that really further expose Beck and Goldline! here’s the clip: