Open letter to Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)

This week, Obama took to the television and told people to call up their representatives and weigh in on the debt debate. It’s pretty clear most of the establishment is paralyzed with inaction and that the debate has turned completely childish at this point.

To preempt a flood of inquiries, my own Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich sent out an email explanation of why he was voting in favor of Reid’s plan (many other have issued these preemptive emails to their constituents as well). Here’s the full text of the second email, the first version misspelled “prescribing” as “proscribing” — a rather humorous error given the context:

Kucinich: Why I Voted for Senator Reid’s Revised Plan (Edited: Typo)

Washington D.C. (July 30, 2011) – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following statement after voting in favor of Senator Reid’s revised bill to raise the debt ceiling.

“I have had and continue to have serious concerns about Senator Reid’s revised bill. The cuts to discretionary spending will be adverse to the beneficiaries of programs designed to provide essential services the private sector will never—and in some cases, should never – perform. The cuts to defense funding, the single biggest source of government waste, are a good start but are small compared to those cuts to non-defense spending. I will work to ensure that we achieve defense cuts greater than the minimum required by this bill.

“We are now three days away from reaching the debt ceiling, a landmark that would drastically accelerate the $400 billion of damage to our economy already caused by the mere threat of reaching the ceiling.

“This bill raises the debt ceiling while not prescribing cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It prevents further instances of the debt ceiling (which has been raised 74 times since 1962 and 10 times since 2001) from being held hostage. It cuts funding from the account that fuels the wars that dramatically increased our debt.

“In the past, I voted against three of the main drivers of our debt: the war in Iraq, the Bush tax cuts and Medicare Part D. I believe in fiscal responsibility. I do not believe America should go into default over a manufactured crisis. It is time to prevent fake crises, and get on with rebuilding the U.S. economy.

It’s pretty easy to see where the bullshit is being covered with delicious frosting, but rest assured the Reid plan (yes, I read bills, a very boring hobby) really is a free spending ride for Obama through 2012. Not exactly the kind of Accountability and Oversight Congress pimps themselves out as. And it reeks of the same old partisan games we’re now very much tired of as a country.

I took Obama’s televised admonishment to heart to let myself be heard with my Congressman (how often do I do that, probably more than most) Just as well I decided to post it here as an open letter:

Mr. Dennis J. Kucinich OH-10
To the Honorable Congressman from my district or his email reading staff,

What manner of drugs are you ingesting sir? I implore you to “Just say no” to the debt-junkies in Washington.

This debt ceiling “debate” is a joke if you and the other members with a constitutional backbone don’t put the Iraq and Afghanistan war funding on the table. Are you planning on quitting at the end of your term or do you no longer care about what’s really sucking this country into debt? You have your hand on the people’s purse and you need to say NO to things we are sick and tired of seeing our money wasted on.

The biggest debt-junkies being the military-industrial-complex (perhaps you’ve heard of it, I assume you’re a smart fellow).

I’m with Ron Paul 100% and need you to lead with the constitution, follow it or get the heck out of the way.

Stephen VanDyke
Lakewood, Ohio

Now I admonish senior citizens, retirees and the rest of the geriatric and bored Tea Party core to get on the horn to let them know that playing games with Social Security, and other feigns at austerity measures while leaving the costly foreign wars and massive corporate welfare out of the debate because of some new “manufactured crisis” is simply unacceptable.

Update: As I suspected the email lines to Congress are about as fruitless as calling them. I just got a message from “Microsoft Exchange Server 2007” letting me know they apparently can no longer even afford good email hosting down in the swampland of plenty.

This is 2011 and I have better email service than my Congressman (at a far lower cost), WTF?

Update 8/2: Kucinich sent out a follow-up on this matter and appears to be voting no on bad bills. We’ll take this as a one-off dropping of the ball, but it’s noted nonetheless.

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