Obamacare: finding out what’s in store for physicians

Section 6001 of the Health Care Law known as Obamacare allows bureaucrats to stop the construction of physician owned hospitals. At issue is the catch 22 quality built within the law. Approval for new and expanding physician hospitals to bill the government for patients receiving care under Medicare needed to be granted prior to December 31, 2010. As these approvals are only allowed to be granted to facilities which are already open, any physicians hospital under construction as of that date have effectively been shut down. The bureaucrats in charge of this process have already announced that waivers or exceptions to this rule will not be granted. What we see here is the beginning of bureaucratic rationing of health care. They have have so far removed 45 hospitals from the system. If the number of people demanding health care remains constant, this will either result in higher prices, or an artificial shortage, (law of supply and demand taught in every basic high school economics class.) The claim by the political left of course is that this new law will cover health care costs for, (and I realize that the numbers vary,) some 30 million new folks who may or may not be in this country legally. So now, the curve is really blown for that whole supply and demand thing. I have seen the argument posited that the reason for this is that physicians hospitals only treat the, “rich,” who can afford to pay higher prices. If that were the case, why would the entrepreneurs building these hospitals stop construction without the Medicare approval. Medicare is not known for its lucrative payment schedule. As a matter of fact, it pays only a percentage of the actual bill presented, and then it is known also for being notoriously slow in paying its bills. Section 6001 is flat out an assault on doctors, and an assault on the American people. Flexibility and choice have been the cornerstone of our society since the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776.

This piece of the law is also an assault on the Free Enterprise System. American Businesses are being shut down as result of bureaucratic interpretation of a Law which has been declared unconstitutional by two Federal judges. So, in one fell swoop, Obama and his Administration have managed to prove once again that they are not only socialists, but also that they are waging a war against the capitalist economic system and the American people. We need to make sure that this man is only a one-term president, America’s survival depends on it. Investor’s Business Daily has more on this War on Doctors.

Before I end this post, I have one more point. I have always included Nancy Pelosi’s YouTube 5 second hit as a part of my Obamacare posts. Up until now it has been meant as a tongue in cheek dig at the former, (man am I glad to be calling her the former,) Speaker of the House. I am forced to ask however, why is it even a question that our lawmakers would do us the courtesy of reading a bill before they voted on it? What was the hurry in passing this legislation if it is not scheduled to go into full effect for another 3 years? We should demand a level of professionalism of our national leaders at least equal to the standards we hold our children up to when doing their homework.

That they passed this piece of crap without allowing the American people to see it in full shows pure arrogance and breaks totally from the complete transparency they promised while campaigning.

That they passed this piece of crap without reading it themselves shows laziness and ineptitude that is hard to fathom.

Republished with permission.


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