NH: Free Staters in legislature show how it’s done

It’s heartening to see a Libertarian/Republican alliance that is actually working out to some degree, the one in the New Hampshire legislature. The bills speak for themselves:

HB145: To permit audio and video recording of law enforcement officers while in the course of their official duties.

HB 240: To eliminate statutory restrictions on the ability of voters to vote for multiple candidates for the same office.

HB 330: To decriminalize carrying an open or concealed firearm without a license.

HB 331: To require state agency expenditures be posted on the state transparency Web site.

HB 442: To permit use of medical marijuana.

HB 446: To repeal regulation of occupations including cosmetology, landscape architecture, court reporting, athletic training, family mediation, hunting and fishing guides, massage therapists and hawkers, peddlers and itinerant vendors.

HB 519: To repeal New Hampshire’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions.

HB 569: To establish the domestic union as a valid contract and extend certain rights to parties to a domestic union.

HB 595: To amend compulsory school attendance statutes to permit parent-directed instruction programs and repeal the home education statutes.

HB 628: To make touching or viewing with a technological device of a person’s breasts or genitals by a government security agent without probable cause a sexual assault.

HB 646: To eliminate various taxes and fees and tax and fee increases enacted in fiscal years 2006 through 2010.

Of course New Hampshire Democrats are oblivious to the winds of change blowing through the free state, as exhibited by one rep. Donna Schlachman, D-Exeter, who says they have a “lack of open-mindedness”. Read those bills again and tell me where the lack of open-mindedness is.

“They are measuring everything only by one yardstick. They have very knee-jerk reactions because their goal is less government.” And that’s how they’ll keep winning elections and attracting more free staters to New Hampshire. Problem, madam representative?

  1. That’s okay Stephen. The non-Freebaggers of NH aren’t pining for more of you to move here.

      1. Egad, you freebaglitarians are just oozing sly wit and intellect. FYI, Steve-O, I’ve lived in NH for 30 years. We don’t want you. We don’t want your brethren. We are thinking people – not clowns aspiring to a Randian utopia. After the damage done by the current legislature, your clown comrades will be summarily thrown out of office in the next election, and sane, sensible individuals will spend the next decade cleaning up the mess they’ve made. So, butch up and stay where you are. By the sound of it, you couldn’t handle a winter here.

          1. In other words, dissenting views aren’t welcome here. That comes as no surprise. That bleating about freedom and liberty is a thin veneer that covers the lurking fascism underneath.

  2. love  whatn ny’all  r  doing  up  there  …..2  cold  4  a  southern  boy tho

  3. love  what  y’all  r  doing  up  there  2  cold  4  a southern boy  tho

  4. Come on….Tell the truth…I basic plan of the Free Staters is to get rid of any publicly funded agency/organization…Schools, libraries, fire depts, police depts, etc….

    1. I’m pretty sure they explain their plan with the legislative actions they have already taken according to this article.

      Maximize freedom. Let the free market compete with the statism and corporatism. Follow the consitutional limitations on government power and all these abuses will dissipate.

      If you want to debate the issue, look at the record of libertarians in NH and tell us who’s doing it wrong. Those are the people you should take issue with, not some blanket dismissal of the entirety of the Free State movement.