Negative stories online? Obama’s people do this to themselves

The White House has added a new government position tasked with dealing with unfavorable online media. I’m sure this is a wonderful job, as 90% of it would be spent trolling websites critical of the president and posting positive spin. Actually that sounds like a horrible job because, as TSA’s Blogger Bob has grown to learn: people will ultimately hate you personally for shilling online for those bad policies. And oh yeah, enjoy that spit in your coffee/food if they ever serve you in a restaurant.

Well Jesse Lee (photo) has gloriously attained this new position which supposedly transfers the responsibility of online apologist from the DNC headquarters to an even more insular place in the Obama administration, just a few feet from the oval office. Which is totally not a blatant violation of FEC campaign laws or anything, no way they’d do that (eye roll). I’m looking forward to prospect of this lackey having to recap all the online criticisms and then explain the strategy to respond to them “Sir, we should aggressively downvote karmanaut on reddit before people think maybe you really are naked and have a small penis.”

Anyways, the first volley has been fired, on twitter… and it’s dripping with creepy vibes:

Way to side with SkyNet there, Obama.

UPDATE: The news is getting thick with stories that the situation will quickly get complicated for the White House as many are suspecting that the Troll Czar (an affectionate pet name we think will stick) will smack into legal walls erected by the Hatch Act. Be vigilant. If you are reading this, you are the resistance.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Troll Czar…awesome. And we do need to educate the masses that shunning isn’t just for the Amish anymore.

  2. If we play it right, this can be sort of like another Splattergate, because the WH has given us tangible and defensible reason to say THIS to every Obama out here:

    “You are probably just another of Obama appointee Jesse Lee’s “Progressive Media and Online Response” trolls. I would like to thank Mr. Lee for officially de-legitimizing every Obama supporter on the entire internet. And I would like to welcome YOU to TrollGate, where happiness is watching yet another leftist strategy epically backfire.”