MONEY RACE: Early breakdown of Q2 GOP fundraising

The NYT has the early numbers on the only political numbers that seem to truly matter this early in an election: MOOLAH. I’ve cut it down to just the numbers and a quick analysis of my own.

  • Mitt Romney – less than $20M, how much less and how much comes from his own personal wealth is not disclosed
  • Michele Bachmann – easily over $5M with a good chunk ($3M or so) coming from her congressional campaign
  • Tim Pawlenty – less than $5M, with a portion not immediately available to his campaign
  • Ron Paul – over $4M, but it’s an easy bet to say that he’ll have the highest total donor count
  • Jon M. Huntsman Jr. – $4.1 million, under half coming from his own personal wealth and will not have to be disclosed until Q3 filing due to his campaign exploiting an FEC filing loophole
  • Herman Cain – Will probably break $1M-$2M easily through his business connections, he could really be sitting on a lot of money though
  • Newt Gingrich – Look for this to be ridiculously low, there’s a solid reason his campaign staff quit en mass last month: DEBT
  • Rick Santorum – Another who will probably underwhelm, but that fundraising letter that compared Obamacare to Romneycare might have netted some cash even though he seriously flubbed the pointed question at the debate
  • Gary Johnson – He seems to have a large contact list to call upon, but it might not be enough to carry him far if he can’t break $1M

Official filing statements from the campaigns aren’t available/due until July 15th, so if someone’s campaign is tap dancing when asked by the press and won’t repeat any numbers to a camera, you’ll know a prediction is really off the mark.

Stephen VanDyke

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