Lindsay Lohan cares about the Federal Reserve’s inflation

An interesting Lindsey Lohan tweet has caught the eye of the political arena this week:

More than a few people noticed the #ad hashtag, and the shortened url of Sponsored Tweets — a company that specializes in connecting advertisers with high-follower twitter accounts. The link by the way goes to the National Inflation Association, which seems to be a possible shady website according to an assload of articles on Google (our journalism investigatory skills, they are awesome). SF Weekly calls them a “pump-and-dump” website, they’re probably not far off the mark.

Well not long after she tweeted the ad, some twitter comedian came along and thought they’d call bullshit on the whole thing, saying “oh damn I was like Lindsay Lohan don’t give a fuck about gas & food prices, she’s rich, knew it was an #ad” to which Lohan shot back “i actually do care about gas and food prices, so whether it’s an #ad or no, it’s important for people to be aware of it.”

Well reading twitter conversations causes brain hurts, and though I’m pretty sure Lohan wasn’t lying when she said it’s important, I really doubt she cares enough to do much investigating into who pays for ads in her twitter, even if she agrees with the sentiment (RT: hard knocks ran a train on that girl).

The media is sure to have a field day with this one as they rehash a bunch of stories about how NIA is certainly a less than credible news organization or investment advisers. It doesn’t look like NIA is doing much battle with the Federal Reserve beyond the words department, and those words sound more like a sales pitch than a war cry.

Oddly enough, Judge Andrew Napolitano got egg on his face on this one, but do blame Neil Cavuto for misreporting so horribly (I really have to ask: how stupid do you have to be to misreport a fucking 140 character tweet? Serious question).

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