Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?

That’s the question a full page ad in The Austin Chronicle asks. The following was dropped in the alt-weekly by Robert Morrow, CASH president:

The ad has been noticed across a wide spectrum of media outlets from The Washington Post to The Huffington Post and several other blog pickups. Many of them seem to be mentioning Ron Paul like it’s going to make people not fist pump Robert Morrow’s epic crusade in search of Rick Perry’s kinky sex history in a proven method. Whatever, tools.

Sure a few opportunists will show up looking for CASH with a salacious tale. But we have a feeling more than a few real skeletons might get knocked out of the closet with this kind of bold and independent investigative journalism style (backed by CASH).

The internets has discovered that Rick Perry spent $78 at La Te Da “Drag Queen Show” in Florida in 2009. Check out the website of Mr. Randy Roberts, who is headlining at the La Te Da Cabaret this week. We don’t need to spell it out to family values people: Where there’s hypocritical smoke, there’s flamingly fabulous Rick Perry.

For the record, I like the ad’s approach. And no, I’ve never had sex with Rick Perry.

[h/T to John Bush in Texas]

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