FUCK the Associated Press for this headline

Flotsam From Japanese Tsunami Reaches West Coast:

Tons of debris from Japan will likely begin washing ashore in about a year, from California to southern Alaska, they said. Items that wash up may include portions of houses, boats, ships, furniture, portions of cars and just about anything else that floats, he said.
That could include parts of human bodies, Ebbesmeyer said. Athletic shoes act as floats.
[…] “All debris should be treated with a great reverence and respect,” Ebbesmeyer said.
If the debris has any kind of identifiable marking, such as numbers or Japanese writing, it may be traceable, Ebbesmeyer said. Families in Japan are waiting to hear of any items that may have been associated with their loved ones.

Seriously, a little more reverence for the dead than to call them and their belongings “flotsam” is definitely in order — especially from a story telling agency that should know their impact with editors who don’t actually read.