Fox News Poll: Ron Paul Nation

Well that’s pretty damn impressive.
Update: The poll has had time to percolate around the Internet and it’s only gotten more Ron Paul.

Where’s all of Romney’s mythical support? Hell Even Gingrich is making a respectable showing thanks to his fiery debate skills last night (though, no… I dare say he would be a terrible VP candidate next to Paul given his sticky history).
For the record, I would like to say this has clearly been a more scientific approach compared to previous FoxNews post-debate polling practices. They’re not out of the woods yet though.
Additional update: I’d laugh if this state was the icing on the cake in 2012.

POLLSTERS, YOU’RE ON NOTICE: Paul’s absolutely crushing it in major cities across America. Zoom in on the poll map and you’ll see it for what it is.
IMO, this kind of visual data can easily seal the nomination months in advance. But now there’s no way in hell pollsters can keep perpetuating those artificially low polling percentages for Paul, since we know they are doing it by targeting rural households. As they say: “the jig is up gentlemen.”
Typical Fox News behavior update: The Swash reports that the poll was unceremoniously removed from Fox’s website. That action seems to have had nil effect on a subsequent, old-style poll that Ron Paul also handily won: