Donald Trump’s foreign policy: screw others (and he’s totally proud of that)

Yesterday on Fox and Friends and Fear and Loathing, Donald Trump, the (allegedly) short-dicked bazillionaire with the weird hair decided he would try out his “foreign policy” credentials. Trump made the following instantly regrettable remark about how he’d handle this whole Libya thing by using his cut-throat business finesse:

“I think I probably have more experience of anybody… I dealt with Gaddafi. I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn’t let him use the land. That’s what we should be doing. I don’t want to use the word ‘screwed’, but I screwed him.”

Creatively bolded for everyone’s amusement.

Supposedly he’s one of the potential presidential contenders in 2012, but who are they kidding? Trump is such a failure at making people like him that he’s actually made a killing on television by embracing this fact as his brand. He literally fires people for ratings. I almost admire him for that, but it’s not something that translates into political campaigning. I’m sure that won’t stop Fox and Friends and all the other networks from taking his money for political ads when he starts getting “serious” about whatever the hell it is he plans on doing, with all that screwing.

Do we really need another president who prides himself on giving others a raw deal? Screw that.

UPDATE: Lewis Black is riled up over Trump and it’s hilarious.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. > (allegedly) short-dicked bazillionaire with the weird hair

    Have fun fighting the hyena and his lawyers