Don Rickles has heaps of fun sitting next to Bristol Palin

The seasoned comedian without a filter made plenty of spotlight stealing gesticulations as he listened to the ridiculous stories of Bristol Palin’s existence. Both were guests on Jay Leno Thursday, with the elder humorist choosing to remain after his interview and occupy the couch. He bemusedly sat next to the young teen “author” during her interview – shaking his head and peppering jokes throughout, much to the audience’s enjoyment.

Apologies of course for the obnoxious 30-second ad you’ll have to endure to watch this (make sure to use the permalink to avoid potential refresh rage):

When Bristol was asked if there’s any reason her mother Sarah Palin shouldn’t run, Rickles piped up “because she could lose” which brought laughter and a large round of cheers from the audience.

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