Today’s duties as a Hammer of Truth soldier

I know many of us visit often (here’s our full stats, witness the amazing growth), and I know you, as a liberty movement ally reading Hammer of Truth (especially a duly JOINed and logged in ally, as you should be brothers), you can appreciate the strength of organized thinking and action.

That is why I am giving you your duty roster when you visit Hammer of Truth. You should be leaving comments for ALL our front page RED items (which serves to boast our strength of size, psychologically). After that, repost the wisdoms of our brothers to your own network of impressionable minds, reporting in periodically to report how big your sphere of influence is. We will use these numbers to aid in liberty movement propaganda marketing.

If you have not already done so, please look at the sidebar on your right at the top. If you are registered on the site, you should subscribe to the email, like the facebook page, follow on twitter, subscribe to the RSS and otherwise continue letting the world know the true size of our numbers. There are currently 61 of us active here, and everyone should be doing their part to promote their own interests.

UPDATE: CHRISTMAS 2010… WE HAVE ONE HUNDRED AND ONE… active duty personnel on board the USS Hammer of Truth. HO-LEE SHEEIT GENTLEMENS I AM GETTING A BONER. Celebrate, and enjoy your R&R and playing house with Suzie. Come new year, I expect you to get back to work… this revolution ain’t gonna win itself you know.

UPDATE JUNE 2011, Long time no talk… I just want to say you are doing a fine job. And by fine job I mean you’ve probably never left a comment, you lurk a lot and generally are apathetic when it comes to responding to our daily calls for action and ad hoc organization. If that’s the way you’re going to be, go back to facebook and myspace and twitter and ning and all those places that don’t accomplish anything except backslapping and stop wasting our goddamn bandwidth.

We have completed importing our archives stretching back to 2002 and those people were awesome. If you were one of them, welcome back: put on your hip-waders and get down into this nasty political shit with us. The libertarian par excellence is being set high and now you need to get off your ass and help set it even higher. Yes we can, yes we fucking can. You are not a lazy towel, stop acting like one.

That is all, for now.

Lib Cog El I Us

America needs a Robespierre, if only for a week.

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