Dear libertarians: don’t worry be happy

I’m getting old and stressed out, so I thought I’d halt the political shitpile searching for decent nuggets of news to monger and play some music to you. Liberty is as liberty does, and being happy is doing good and never worrying that it feels small, or that we’re actually swimming against a never-ending tide.

Solid, stand-up libertarians are regularly making sizable dents in the walls of fear and misunderstanding. I could name a couple dozen people who clock in to the fight everyday with their eternal vigilance in tow. I’d say “thanks Internet” as well, but that’s really not much more than just a bunch of machines being controlled by humans.

To you kids in the audience: listen up as I now play you some dope jams from ’88. Era of Reaganomics and cocaine, so a lot of people were dismal, and lot were not giving a fuck. I was ten or so when it first came out and probably could not appreciate it as much as I do now (maybe in some idiot savant way, but I was a pretty stupid ten-year-old, doing all that coke and whatnot).

McFerrin’s most recent musical feat was at the World Science Festival of 2009 in a musical demonstration that was actually an amazing audience hack. He “demonstrated audience participation with the ubiquitous nature of human understanding of the pentatonic scale by singing and dancing, and having the audience sing while following his movements.” according to Wikipedia. But even all that eloquence just doesn’t quite convey the emotion of watching a video of it.

As a fan of both the Doctor of Lov3 (Ron Paul) and the Doctor of Happy, it would do me a world of pleasure if those two had a cup of coffee and discussed… well anything.

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