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    Leave the hyperbole to the idiots!

    The next big issue is radioactive releases that are pretty much unavoidable, they are again, the result of the cores overheating and releasing some of the radioactive gases produced by the fission process. These gases while initially intensely radioactive, also decay to less radioactive forms, over days and weeks following reactor shutdown. I cannot stress this point enough, that there is absolutely NO COMPARISON of this accident to the Chernobyl accident. The Chernobyl reactor used a design that has ONLY been used in the former Soviet Union. It’s a completely different type that was inherently flawed and literally a disaster waiting to happen as it did. Another, more subtle reason to thank Socialism for it’s horrific impact on the world. Those plants should have never been built, let alone used in the manner they did, skipping common sense procedures and precautions at the behest of politically motivated supervisors. The Chernobyl plants used large amounts of graphite in the core. The form of graphite used is closely related to charcoal and caught fire during the accident. This produces massively radioactive particles of fly-ash that was carried high into the atmosphere contaminating large areas, with nasty fission by-products with very long radioactive lives (half-life). No western countries’ reactors have ever used this design. Our reactor cores cannot catch fire as Chernobyl did. Again, the fly-ash produced by the fire was the cause of long-distance problems. The reactors in trouble in Japan would only produce releases of radioactive gases. As these gases decay in the atmosphere a tiny, tiny amount of radioactive particles are produced. I CANNOT stress this point enough, nuclear power plants of the designs both here and in the rest of the world CANNOT produce ‘fallout’. Fallout is ONLY produced by nuclear weapons. The gases being potentially released pose a radiation exposure hazard that is slight and rapidly decreases as the gases move downwind and are diluted by the atmosphere. They do not contaminate the ground to a significant extent and also do not pose a contamination hazard to humans of significance. It’s important to note here, that radiation exposure and contamination are two distinct hazards.

    1. FALLOUT: though I would happily argue that it’s been the best approximation of how people relate their knowledge of nuclear radiation stuff coming at them out of the sky… falling. I’m no expert in this stuff and am trying to stay informed and be informative. I think I can safely say that there is a lot of intentional misinformation out here though that is being used to assure the people that this is less of a horrible disaster and to carry on. The people in Japan are being fed some grade A bullshit being told to “wear a widebrimmed hat” and “a cloth face mask” by reporters on NHK.

      I will make a note on this and try to come up with the more appropriate term to describe radiation falling out of the sky without using the word fallout.

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