Cheney’s autobiography: In My Time (I Shot A Man)

Dick Cheney’s book would have been making more heads “explode” if it had been called I Shot A Man In The Face (And He Apologized To Me), but we’ll see if any heads explode after just looking at the amount of sheer DICK ON DISPLAY in the book’s glossy cover (I couldn’t help but add the truth).

According to Colin Powell on the Sunday CBS show “Face the Nation” the book is full of “cheap shots.” It is possible he’s also making a wry joke at Cheney’s gun safety record. From the AP:

“Mr. Cheney has had a long and distinguished career and I hope in his book that’s what he will focus on, not these cheap shots that he’s taking at me and other members of the administration who served to the best of our ability for President Bush,” Powell said.
[…] Powell also suggested that Cheney wrongly took credit for Powell’s resignation from the State Department in 2004; Powell said he had always planned to serve only four years. He labeled as “almost condescending” the tone of Cheney’s criticism of Condoleezza Rice, who succeeded him as secretary of state.

Wait, an old rich white man being condescending to people he sees as pawns? Pfft, no way.
Look out Colin, your face could be full of buck shot next! Cheney has ways of making you apologize afterwards.
Update: Here’s what Harry Whittington’s face looked like after being shot (Wikipedia, why you slacking?), clearly on purpose since Cheney apologizes for nothing, ever. If he’s willing to do this to an old white guy after having a rough day, just imagine what crazy shit he signed off on during his control of those wars in the Middle East.

Again, Cheney made this schmuck apologize for being shot in the chest and face at close range. Truly a dick.