Canton Ohio PD: It’s a personnel, not a policy problem

A video of Canton, Ohio police officer Daniel Harless, 45, completely losing his shit is making its way around the Internet. It’s worth watching the entire video since did a splendid job of packaging subtitles and context:

I understand people have bad days, I have them myself where I want to shoot people who piss me off. The key differences is that I don’t threaten to do just that nor do I have the support of a government apparatus, urging me to use violence to solve all my problems.

OhioCCW is arguing that the problem is with the law requiring people to notify the cops, writing “The poorly defined ‘promptly inform’ law leaves a gaping opportunity for police officers to cite a gun owner with a misdemeanor when they can’t find anything else to charge that person with, or when they want to make an example of that person for carrying a firearm.” I agree that the law is flawed, and in an ideal world we fix policy and everything shakes out.

The problem is not that we’re not in an ideal world, it’s that we need to focus this media spotlight on removing dangerous, rage-filled police. As the video shows, Harless is a ticking time bomb with a badge and gun. He’s been suspended pending investigation, but it’s plain as day that he needs to be removed from official capacity until he grows the fuck up.

He would probably have a better career as an MMA fighter anyways.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Even MMA fighters need discipline ,maybe he would be a better strip club bouncer instead