Bipolar Bachmann took federal money, corporate aid

Let the shitstorm commence on Michele Bachmann & Family, Inc.’s dealings with the government devil:

As the tea party hero tours the nation attacking the size of federal government, the Minnesota congresswoman has come under heightened scrutiny over public dollars flowing to family business interests. That includes $137,000 that Bachmann and Associates has received for treating patients in Medicaid-backed programs.

One program of Bachmann & Associates – a mental-health counseling service run by Bachmann’s husband – was even awarded a juicy government contract to help “addicts” sent by the courts to centers for treatment, but failed to solicit any patients. It’s probably not surprising, since it appears their idea was to rip off Alcoholic’s Anonymous and repackage it with more evangelistic language.

In addition, she took in another $24K in federal and state training funds (Michele, make that bureaucracy work for you! You alone!). But has clammed up to reporters asking questions of her financial history with the government.

The kicker: “Neither Michele nor Marcus Bachmann would respond to questions about the arrangement during a campaign stop in South Carolina.”

Politifact called her bullshit on farm subsidies with their fun truth meter system (Pulitzer awarded) pointed way down into the false territory: “at a minimum Bachmann has received somewhere between $32,503 and $105,000 in farm income between 2006 and 2009, according to her disclosure forms. That’s a lot of pennies.” Applying for all this government aid adds up to real money over time, which flies in the face of her alliance with the Tea Party’s small government street cred.

My advice to indy journalists who want to elicit lulz and coincide with her campaign path: Get some cameras on that woman squirming, stat.

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