Bachmann campaign can sputter along until Tuesday

Just four short months ago, congresswoman Michele Bachmann was riding high on national attention after her campaign managed to squeak out a narrow victory against Ron Paul in the Ames Straw Poll this past August, but political campaigns have a way of imploding around an unelectable candidate the closer the primaries draw near. Now it seems Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign may have finally run out of gas after a major defection (or firing, depending who you ask) of not only top political aide Kent Sorenson, but Wes Enos as well.

Let’s just say there’s a lot of bad blood right now from people who realize her game is nearly over.

Bachmann’s troubles now seem to be rapidly mounting as the Iowa caucuses draw near. Fresh reports of financial and staffing trouble have been leaking at telling rate, with the AP reporting that there are calls from GOP insiders for her to abandon the race entirely:

Two top Iowa advisers left the campaign on successive days this week, with her state chairman, Kent Sorenson, quitting and then going so far as to endorse Paul within hours of campaigning with her. A day later, Wes Enos said he was leaving his job as Bachmann’s political director.

Furious, Bachmann spent much of Thursday accusing Sorenson of switching allegiances for money. He denied it. But the candidate found herself in a daylong spat rather than hammering home her closing message to voters.

To some, it was another sign of a campaign in free-fall.

“If you can’t get your campaign on one page, it’s really hard to think you’re going to get a country on one page. The timing is horrible,” said veteran Iowa Republican strategist David Roederer, who is unaffiliated in this year’s race but held top Iowa posts in John McCain’s 2008 campaign and George W. Bush’s 2000 bid.

It didn’t help that the departures came on top of calls by some Iowa pastors that either she or Santorum leave the race so evangelical voters can consolidate their support and block a victory by Romney or Paul. She quickly rejected the plea.

I am more than pleased to see her stay in the race a few more days if it means further fracturing of the ignoramus evangelical vote. But after she places fifth or so in Iowa next Tuesday you can bet she’s going to be quickly packing up the corn dogs and other Iowa fair foods and heading back to Minnesota to ruminate over why even her own staff can’t trust her to be president.

UPDATE: I honestly have to add that I love this crazy bitch, she has entertained me to no end (though sometimes in the scary way, because people seem to take her seriously, not to mention the whole Dominionism thing). She’s now quoting some New Testament scripture about flipping tables like Jesus during interviews… how awesome is that?

It’s great for America that Bachmann and her most ardent followers seem to have no clue about the internet whatsoever.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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