August politics

I’m here to tell you we’re at the end of the beginning the latest heist. An additional -$2.1 trillion is being tacked up on the credit card board, which will carry us into the future for as long as it carries us. The only certainty is uncertainty as the empire shifts it’s feet around in the muck, hears the rumble of the bellies of the dependent and realizes “oh shit, we have to feed the troops and masses.”

The carrot argument was to do nothing, keep running up the credit card and throw out a big ass number as the new limit being sought. Then promised to get cracking on the balance sheets right away. Luckily our junior executives, ahem Tea Party freshmen, decided to make a big deal out of the fact that no one seems to “actually have a business plan” so they’ll catch the blame, probably. Why suffer the details? Go back to sleep America.

The stick argument was fun because it promised chaos by throwing a giant limiter on the government’s check machine. What do people without credit do? They do without. The streets would run red as millions of old people not getting their social security checks would form ad hoc gangs of grannies and grandpas, armed to the teeth and raiding rival gangs for supplies and turf. Anarchy and terrordomes would descend on America at once as people would be forced to fend for themselves. Kill yourself now before you are made a sex slave to the MS-13 AARP.

The common Joe out here knows that the level of spending is speeding up, not slowing down. I have visited the District of Colombia and can tell you you can actually hear the pipes as cash and coins are sucked from the Federal Reserve, through Congress and the White House into the pockets of anyone who encourages bureaucracy. There’s only one rule that matters: don’t get caught. And even that rule doesn’t matter if you’ve got enough of the loot and fill out the paperwork in a complicated enough manner. That’s enough common sense to be the leading cause of an incensed commons.

This is knee-jerk politics at it’s finest, exploited at the cusp of a month-long August recess. But the fun won’t be over because as many of these representatives return home for “vacation” they’ll have to face the music and be ready to explain.

Personally, I think it’s time to introduce live cameras and have them follow elected officials, dumping the feed to public servers. If they want $2.1 trillion more of our consent, we the people are entitled to watch over their shoulders!

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