Anonymous message for the citizens of Egypt

A message for the citizens of Egypt:

We are Anonymous and we stand by your side, as you stand against the reign of Hosni Mubarak.
While the internet and other forms of communication may be cut off, Anonymous’ knowledge and awareness of the issues at hand are as strong as ever. The grievous error by your dictator to cut off vital communications systems is one that cannot be overlooked.

In Hosni Mubarak’s recent address, he stated his apparent concern for your freedoms and plans to implement a new government in the coming days. If any of his recent actions, and those of the last three decades, are any indication, he cares little for your welfare. He cares not for your suffering and hardship, but only his own power. He is concerned more with the safety of his political cabinet, and less with yours. He does not have the best interests of the Egyptian people in mind, but rather his own. A new government will only be his way of feigning progress. He is promising the democracy for which you have been fighting, but offers only lies. Do not yield to his tactics. Push on. You, more than anyone else in this world, know that Hosni Mubarak must leave. The first step on the road to a brighter future for Egypt is for Mubarak to step down, not to pass the blame, not to offer empty promises, and not to appeal to the people of Egypt. Again, Mubarak’s reign must end.

Although the future of Egypt is still uncertain, do not grow hesitant or fearful about what lies ahead, for achieving independence and freedom will require unwavering courage. This is a war of attrition and will not be won overnight. You have already accomplished a great thing – you have captured the world’s attention and earned their support for your efforts. You have weakened the authoritarian forces that have oppressed you for decades. You have set the standard for resilience and conviction in your beliefs in this day and age. We stand in awe of your courage. Your spirit is an inspiration to us all.

Anon has witnessed time and time again that when we stand together we can take on anything and anyone. Dictators such as Mubarak still rely on the fear of the individual being stronger than the power of the group. However, the evidence shows that the tyrant is more afraid than the courageous citizens. The proof lies in the cowardly act of shutting people off from one another in an attempt to cause chaos and confusion. This is a blatant violation of another one of your rights. Anon contends that the rights we share are intrinsic; they overshadow unique concerns and bring freedom in their exercise. Mubarak cannot own your rights.

The land of Egypt, once the world’s beacon of knowledge, now stands upon the global stage in its courageous effort for freedom and democracy. We and the world are behind you, and stand with you. We will do everything in our power to aid you in your pursuit. All we ask is that you stay strong, and keep fighting.

Anon would also like to extend its support to all the citizens of the world who are trapped by a dictator, and anyone whose freedom of speech is compromised by any government or organisation. If you need us, we are already standing by your side.

In the meantime, we demand that all normal communications be restored to the people of Egypt by January 29th, 12:00 midnight, Eastern Standard Time. That we have occasion to make such a demand in the first place should be enough to convince all good men that the world needs revolution. That we have made it in full view of all men should be enough to convince them that we now have the means to back it up – not just against this regime, but against any and all parties that continue to prop it up even after it has conceded that the truth is its enemy.

Above all, we once again ask the people of North Africa to remain hopeful and persevere in their stand against tyranny. Do not forgive and do not forget. Expect change.