1. Dave wrote, “So… government ID is not required to fly?”

      That’s correct, Dave. On Thursday, January 20, 2011, before judge Kevin L. Fitzwater, in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, the state’s witness from TSA testified that passengers are not required to present any documentation of their identity — government-issued or otherwise — in order to traverse the TSA checkpoint and board a flight.

      Audio of the entire trial, including the aforementioned testimony, is available for download or streaming at Internet Archive. The Identity Project made the recordings with court permission and published a helpful index to them at http://papersplease.org/wp/2011/01/24/audio-state-of-new-mexico-v-phillip-mocek/

      IDP also maintain an FAQ about State of New Mexico v. Phillip Mocek, including information about how supporters can donate to my legal defense fund. I’m paying for my legal defense out-of-pocket, and while I had the time and tenacity to see this through to the jury’s verdict, I don’t have the money.

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