Zu Papiren, Bitte

Idaho, in its finite wisdumb, decided to require a photo ID in order to vote. In other news, apparently, disenfranchising people is okay now. Seig heil, America! (yes, I know this is a bit old, they just sent out Voter Guides recently, which helpfully reminded you to be a nice little sheeple and comply with this directive, which reminded ME how stupid it was)


who is john galt? Me, that's who!

  1. Here in Ohio, if you wanna vote with just your voter registration card (the only thing you need IMO) we have this fucked up thing called a provisional ballot. It’s not a REAL ballot, and it’s not a FAKE ballot, it’s somewhere in between where you remain completely clueless as to whether your vote is going to be counted or not.

    It’s Schrödinger’s ballot box.

  2. To whoever edited my title: formal, really? When did statists treat subjects as more than inferiors?

    1. My apologies, I changed it back since I don’t speak a lick of German and I guess if it’s right or wrong it should be on you.

      Won’t happen again.